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Special Offer - Buy A Dingo & Get The Complimentary 'Fine Fido Kit'

The Dingo Leash Co. is owned and operated by lifelong dog enthusiasts. Currently we only have three dogs, but that is always subject to change!

With previous experience in managing a large sporting goods store, we appreciate equipment that quite simply, works.

You can trust us to understand the needs of dogs and owners when it comes to equipment and gear.

The Dingo Leash Co. is based in the United States in Silver City, New Mexico. Our mission is to offer dog owners the most versatile and strongest leash on the market, as well as other high quality functional products for dogs.

As a small company we know the value of treating our customers like gold and are dedicated to building enduring relationships with our treasured clients.

We would love to hear from you and see photos regarding the use of the Dingo Leash with your dogs.

The Dingo Leash Co.
PO Box 851
Silver City, New Mexico 88062

Regular DINGO
Length 6'
Width 3/4"
For dogs up to 65 lbs.


Length 6'
Width 1" wide
For strong & big dogs
40 lbs. and above