Special Offer - Buy A Dingo & Get The Complimentary 'Fine Fido Kit'

Your dog will be secure when you use the Dingo Leash's Temporary Tie Out function. Function 1: Temporary Tie Out
Clip the carabiner to any stationary object for quick tie up. Great for stopping at a café for coffee.

Caution: Dogs should never be left unattended for long periods of time, and should ideally be within sight even when temporarily secured!

Dingo's Safety Pull Back function is comfortable and effective to use. Function 2: Safety Pull Back
The extra handle can be moved up and down the leash to be used as a pull back. Great for heel training, crosswalks, or when dealing with another owner's aggressive pet.

Dog getting a Dingo bath! Function 3: Bathing Restraint
After securing your pet from one side, move the extra handle to the rivet closest to the dog's collar on the opposite side for greater ease in washing.

Dingo easily walks Two Dogs with only one leash Function 4: Two Dog Walking
Place the extra handle in the middle rivet. Next, attach the carabiner to one dog's collar and the fishhook clip to the other. The extra handle can be moved to allow varying leash lengths.

Conveniently shorten the Dingo Leash as needed Function 5: Adjustable Length
Fold your Dingo in half and attach the carabiner to the rivet which matches the desired length. Place the extra handle in the rivet which is now at the top of the leash.

Enjoy extra peace of mind by safely securing your dog while you drive with Dingo's Sliding Car Restraint configuration Function 6: Sliding Car Restraint
Attach the carabiner to the removable handle. Wrap the leash around the head rest or shoulder belt. Clip the carabiner over the leash so it slides and attaches to the dog's collar.

Dingo's Stationery Restraint is useful when you need to keep your dog in one closely secured area. Function 7: Stationary Restraint
The extra handle/carabiner combo can be clipped to a head rest or latched seat belt keeping your pet more closely secured in one place than the above Sliding Car Restraint, if necessary.

The Removable Handle is useful in a variety of situations. Function 8: Removable Handle
The removable handle functions as a heel trainer, and is also helpful when you walk your dog in crowded areas, and other situations when want to keep the dog very close.

Dingo Leash can be used as a Truck Bed Restraint. Function 9: Truck Bed Restraint
Loop the leash through one of the truck's tie downs. Attach the fish hook clip to another tie down. Now attach the carabiner to the middle rivet and the extra handle to the dog's collar.

NEVER leave a dog in the back of a pickup truck unsecured, and if at all possible, put the dog inside the cab.

Regular DINGO
Length 6'
Width 3/4"
For dogs up to 65 lbs.


Length 6'
Width 1" wide
For strong & big dogs
40 lbs. and above