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Red Multi-function Dingo Leash With Detachable Handle and Useful Carabiner

One very tenacious Alaskan Malamute named Cali was the impetus for the design of The Dingo Leash.

Cali loved to play and was always full of energy, a large and powerful handful to say the least. Do you know any dogs like this? Humanely but effectively controlling such a headstrong, vivacious animal in several key areas was the goal in designing The Dingo Leash.

Many dogs continually pull at the leash, and Cali was no exception. But worse was that she was big and strong enough to give even a 6'2" man weighing 200 pounds a difficult time.

Often, the answer to better control was to manually take up some of the length of a standard leash, clumsily folding it in hand so that the leash was shorter and less unwieldy. This is the reason a second handle came into existence as part of The Dingo Leash system. The second handle makes for quick and comfortable shortening of the leash at times when closer control is required.

The second handle is useful all by itself, too. By attaching the second handle directly to a dog's collar, you can keep the dog close by your side. This is a helpful tool when walking in crowded areas, or when you take your dog into the veterinary clinic or any other potentially high-energy situation in which it is better to easily keep the dog close by. Cali was much easier to handle up close when she was led by the second handle alone.

The second handle is also great to use at a dog park or wet environment in which typical leashes get dragged through water, mud and who knows what else on the ground, resulting in a permanently soiled leash that no one wants to touch. The second handle stays up near the dog's head, not on the ground.

If you have ever temporarily tied a dog to a pole or fence, you know how clever they can be in untying knots in leashes, ropes, etc... Cali was a regular Houdini at getting out of tie-ups. While a dog should be left only briefly secured in a safe area, it is still vitally important that the attachment system holds fast. It is common for dogs to work out of tied leashes to suddenly pounce on nearby passersby, scamper away and get lost or, worse, to dart dangerously into traffic.

Some kind of clip would help a leash become a secure tie up. This idea led to the implementation of functional carabiners and strategically placed grommets on the leash to create quick and reliable configurations for a variety of purposes. Cali never figured out how to undo a carabiner.

Another area of concern for Cali was in the car. She loved the back, but was more prone to riding shotgun. In either case, once again we had a safety issue. Not only was a freely roaming dog in the car a distraction to the driver, but if a sudden stop were required, Cali would go flying dangerously around.

The Dingo Leash is designed to also be used as a comfortable car restraint that can attach in several configurations to a variety of car seats, keeping dogs and humans safe while driving.

The Dingo Leash answers many equipment-related issues faced by dog owners, including how to handle dogs while bathing them and how to conveniently walk two dogs at one time with only one leash, leaving one hand free for other purposes.

From the car to the bath, from walking one or two dogs, to riding in vehicles and stationary tie-ups, this may very well be the most functional and durable dog leash on the market today, designed by and for dog lovers who demand quality.

The Dingo Leash Co. is based in the United States with offices in Prescott and Phoenix, Arizona. Our mission is to offer dog owners the most versatile and strongest leash on the market, as well as other high quality functional products for dogs.

As a small company we know the value of treating our customers like gold and are dedicated to building enduring relationships with our treasured clients.

White LightningDog Says, 'I Love My Dingo!'

Dingo Leash Features:

  1. Temporary Tie Out
  2. Safety Pull Back
  3. Bathing Restraint
  4. Two-Dog Walking
  5. Adjustable Length
  6. Sliding Car Restraint
  7. Stationary Restraint
  8. Removable Handle
  9. Truck Bed Restraint

Regular DINGO
Length 6'
Width 3/4"
For dogs up to 65 lbs.


Length 6'
Width 1" wide
For strong & big dogs
40 lbs. and above